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One of Europe's leading timber companies, specializing in European Temperate Hardwood Lumber of high quality.

Fagus as it is today was founded by Sante De Forti, although it has been working in the same industry for three generations. The main aim of the company is to overcome and solve the problems that arise between the manufacturing industry and the direct import sector, with wholesale shipments, implementing a working system that is both shared and characterised by an entrepreneurial approach, looking to help companies and our relations with them to grow.

Fagus has an established  international network, a long-standing company history, in-depth knowledge of local markets in both the countries of origin and destination, a strong industrial and sales background and technical experience and know-how acquired over many years. On the strength of these qualities, Fagus is able to perceive the needs of its customers and to translate these requirements into real answers, opening new development prospects for the companies concerned and acting as a reference point in the industry by responding to market demand with its dynamic and efficient organisation and consolidated company framework.

This expertise, together with the passion and decidedly innovative and concrete spirit that characterise the company, is a guarantee of professionalism of the highest level as well as of continuity in company relations, in the supply of the products required and for all the services connected to them.

Together with its foreign partners, Fagus is able to offer production and shipping amounts for total of some  90.000 cubic metres every year. All material, from the earliest stages at source is carefully selected beforehand and the products, which are sawn into edged and unedged timber,  semi-finished wood products and glued-lam panels, are inspected and tested before shipping to guarantee their compliance, in terms of quality and quantity, to established measurement and classification criteria.

Fagus, selects, produces, exports and distributes quality timbers, always responsibly and with passion for the materials it deals in and for a job well done.  Fagus is committed to continued improvement and to guaranteeing a brand name that is constantly able to provide the assurance and certainty you need.





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